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Troy Tulowitzki spotted at Yankees game, but does it mean anything?

Can we keep him?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

During today's game between the Yankees and the Blue Jays, Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki was spotted in the stands at Yankee Stadium taking in a game.

Well that's weird, since the Rockies are playing the Pirates in Colorado today. Unfortunately, Tulo is now on the disabled list, but apparently he's spending his time away from the team, and the state, in order to attend a Yankees game all the way across the country.

Jeff Passan thinks it means something:

Why is this all a big deal? Well, Tulo has recently hinted that he'd be pretty ok if the Rockies wanted to trade him to another team. Now he's on the DL at a ballgame in another state, one day after the organization had a giveaway where they actually spelled his name wrong. Yes this really happened:

Mentioning that he didn't want to end up like Todd Helton, who spent his entire career in Colorado and didn't win squat, seems to be a good way to say you want out. With Derek Jeter retiring it's not difficult to see how the two teams could potentially come together for a trade or how fans and media alike are slowly hyping up this story.

Would it be awesome to think that Tulowitzki is mad at the Rockies and is currently being wined and dined by the Yankees until he forces his team's hand into trading him, yes of course it would be, but that doesn't mean that anything is really happening. It's not the kind of commitment you want to see from your franchise player for sure, but that doesn't mean this has anything to do with the Yankees, despite being in their stadium. Even if a trade were to come about, Tulo will command some serious prospects and is still owed $114 million through 2020 with a long injury history.

While Purple Row is reporting that he's in the area to see a doctor in Philadelphia, that doesn't exactly explain why he's at the game, now does it. Hmmmm...