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Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankees, Buerhle vs Kuroda

Game 102: The Yankees' homestand continues behind Hiroki Kuroda


Homestands are nice aren't they? No travel days between cities, so no days without Yankee baseball. They celebrate by facing unspellable Mark Buehrle (h before r? who does that?).

The Yankees look to Last Starter StandingTM Hiroki Kuroda to keep the Blue Jays offense in check and give the Yankees the opportunity to put some breathing room between themselves and third place Toronto.

The Bronx Bombers didn't look very Bomberish against the Rangers the last four games, but they still took 3 out of 4. It's that sort of clutch pitching and just enough hitting they'll need to improve their current position as the AL's second Wild Card. Better defense would make me happy, too.