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Yankees trade for Chase Headley: Reaction from around the Twitterverse

What does the Internet think of Ninja Cashman's latest move?

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

Chase Headley is a Yankee! News that the Yankees traded for a Gold Glove infielder after watching them throw the ball around wildly in Monday night's loss to the Rangers comes as a welcome surprise. The move cost the team right-handed pitching prospect Rafael De Paula and infielder Yangervis Solarte, but De Paula's story isn't exactly a clean one in his transition to pitching in the United States and Solarte cooled off in a big way after being one of the best stories to start the season. We'll always love you for ridding us of Nunez, Solarte.

So, how did the internet react to the news of Headley becoming a Yankee? Well, the response seemed to be overwhelmingly positive from fans and professionals alike.

Yankee beat writer likes the trade! He's right, though. The team gave up very little in return for something that could make a real impact. You take the Chase Headleys of the world over the Yangervis Solartes of the world every time.

Three more beat writers who like the trade. I'm sensing a pattern.

So you can see why they might be a little concerned. De Paula has a very good arm and no one will deny that, but most see him as a future reliever. Add in the issues above and it's hard to think that the Yankees will miss him TOO much.

The nickname discussion is an important one! What do you think Girardi will go with, seeing as Headley's name already ends in Y? Chasey? Heady?

Watch out, Chase Utley. You'd complete the trifecta!

Aw, isn't that sweet.

Ninja Cash!

Our Twitter followers weighed in on the trade, as well.

Cashman was also offended by what we all witnessed last night.

I love this analogy. Absolutely love it.

Everyone seems to be excited for Headley's defense. You can hardly blame them considering the infield travesties we've seen so far this year.

It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised.

Silver linings are always good.

Ninja Cash doing Ninja Cash things.

Someone knows we love our puns.

What do you think of the Headley trade? Would you have made the move if you were Cashman?