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Open Thread 7/21/14: You Have The Conch

The Yankees, fresh off of a sweep of the Cincinnati Reds, face off against the Texas Rangers for a four game series. Rookie pitcher Shane Greene takes the mound while you, our loyal PSA commenters, take the floor in today's Open Thread.

The second half of baseball has begun and the Yankees are doing that winning thing we so love them to do. The pitching has been great. The offense has been great. The defense has been....there? Visible? I'm trying to think of a proper word to use that doesn't sound too negative. I'll come back to that. Either way, winning is much more fun than losing. Sweeping the Cincinnati Reds was definitely the right way to begin the second half. Following up with a four game sweep of the Texas Rangers would be even better. In fact, I dare say that not losing any games from now until the end of the season would be the most ideal situation.

Well, we all want things. Right now, what I'd like from all of you is some input. The reason there are no Daily Predictions with this Open Thread is because I wanted to see if people still actually want to do them. The participation in them has definitely lessened over time, and it's just not as much fun making them out if only the same five to seven people are the only ones participating. Since the original purpose of these threads were for the community, I figure that rather than continue with the old idea or come up with something new, I'd ask everyone else what they'd like these threads to include, or if people still want them around in general.

Thread Idea Questions

Do you want to continue doing the Daily Predictions?

If so, should we keep them the same or restructure them somehow?

If not, what would you like to use these threads for now, if anything?

As always, use this as your Open Thread for the day. I'd appreciate the input from all of you.

Let's Go Yankees