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Yankees sign Antonio Arias and Jonathan Amundaray


You can add two more names to the Yankees international signing pile as the organization has signed Dominican outfielder Antonio Arias and Venezuelan outfielder Jonathan Amundaray. The two outfielders join a slew of other prospects that the Yankees have signed today, and there are likely to be more signings from here.

There seems to be dissenting opinions on Arias as called him the No. 9 prospect of the class, while Baseball America had him all the way down at No. 28. The six-foot-two, 180-pound right-handed hitter signed $1 million and offers a projectable build that could offer some power (55-power) as he ages. Scouts like his quick hands and aggressiveness at the plate, but he still needs to work on his approach against offspeed and breaking stuff. He's projected to have a 55-hit tool, but he's also a 60-runner, so that could add to his value on the bases and in the field.

Amundaray also seems to have a wide range of evaluations, having placed at No. 7 on's list and No. 22 according to BA. The six-foot-two, 175-pound right-handed hitter has signed for $1.5 million and could be the best prospect coming out of Venezuela this year. Scouts think he has the potential to be a five-tool player and have been impressed with his strength and raw power with a 60-hit and 55-power projection He shows good range in the outfield and has a strong 60-grade arm, making him likely to end up in right field. Matt Garrioch of Minor League Baseball feels he is more of a pure athlete than a baseball player and he might not have the bat of a major leaguer, which just seems overly pessimistic.