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Yankees Trade Deadline: Which teams might be sellers?

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Record: 39-54 Games Back: 12.0/11.5
Players: Didi Gregorius (SS), Martin Prado (3B/2B/OF), Brad Ziegler (RP), Aaron Hill (2B), Chris Owings (SS)

After already making a deal with the D-Backs, it's not a bad idea to go back to the well. They have a few players who can bolster the Yankee infield for multiple years, especially at shortstop. Even if Masahiro Tanaka's injury is serious, it might still be worth it for the Yankees to try and acquire either Gregorius or Owings to obtain a shortstop for next year.

Boston Red Sox
Record: 40-51 Games Back: 9.5/9.0
Players: Koji Uehara (RP), Burke Badenhop (RP), Stephen Drew (SS), Andrew Miller (RP)

The Yankees and Red Sox are not going to make a trade; it's just not going to happen. Still, Boston has a few pieces that could get moved out with them now in last place in the AL East.

Chicago Cubs
Record: 38-52 Games Back: 13.0/11.0
Players: Darwin Barney (2B/SS), Emilio Bonifacio (INF/OF), Justin Ruggiano (OF)

After trading off Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel in the same deal, the Cubs don't have much left to trade. Maybe Ruggiano offers a solid right-handed bat, but there's not much else going on here. The Yankees have previously inquired about the Cubs' plethora of shortstop prospects, but that didn't go anywhere and that situation likely won't change this season.

Chicago White Sox
Record: 44-48 Games Back: 8.5/5.5
Players: Paul Konerko (DH), Adam Dunn (DH), Alexei Ramirez (SS), Gordon Beckham (2B)

The White Sox have a few veteran that could be moved at the deadline, however, not many of them would be that helpful. The Yankees already have first base and DH handled and Beckham would actually be a downgrade from Brian Roberts, if you can imagine. Ramirez would be a useful acquisition more for next year, so it's doubtful these two teams match up for a trade, even if they could desperately use a catcher like John Ryan Murphy.

Cleveland Indians
Record: 44-46 Games Back: 7.5/4.5
Players: Asdrubal Cabrera (SS), Justin Masterson (SP)

The Indians are right on the cusp of contention, but unless they go on a winning streak in the next few weeks, they should ultimately end up as sellers. Unfortunately, Cabrera wouldn't help the Yankees all that much this season and Masterson relies heavily on his infield defense, which is part of his problem this year. New York can offer an upgrade over Cleveland's infield, but would it be enough to turn Masterson back into a top pitcher?

Colorado Rockies
Record: 39-53 Games Back: 10.0/11.0
Players: Drew Stubbs (OF), Justin Morneau (1B), Jorge De La Rosa (SP), LaTroy Hawkins (RP)

While Troy Tulowitzki is the one everyone wants, the Rockies still have no reason to deal him anytime soon. Other than him, maybe the Yankees could use Stubbs as a right-handed bat and De La Rosa as a fill-in starter. Hawkins could also help in the bullpen this year and next, unless he turns into a pile of garbage with the Yankees again.

Houston Astros
Record: 39-54 Games Back: 19.5/11.0
Players: Chad Qualls (RP), Scott Feldman (SP)

It's highly doubtful that the Astros have many veterans to sell off at the deadline. They have Feldman for another two years, so they're likely to hold onto him for a while longer. Qualls has been good, but he's signed through next year as well and that's risk the Yankees don't need.

Miami Marlins
Record: 44-47 Games Back: 6.0/5.5
Players: Giancarlo Stanton (RF)

The only thing the Marlins have that the Yankees could want is Stanton and they're unlikely to get him, even if he was made available.

Minnesota Twins
Record: 41-49 Games Back: 10.0/7.5
Players: Josh Willingham (LF), Kendrys Morales (1B/DH), Kevin Correia (SP)

The only piece the Twins have that the Yankees could use is Willingham as a right-handed bat. The Yankees don't need Morales and they probably don't want Correia.

New York Mets
Record: 42-49 Games Back: 8.0/7.5
Players: Daniel Murphy (2B), Bobby Abreu (RF), Bartolo Colon (SP)

The Yankees and Mets are unlikely to agreed to a deal, but Murphy would be absolutely great right about now. Colon would also be a solid pickup and Abreu would actually be an improvement, if you could imagine.

Philadelphia Phillies
Record: 40-51 Games Back: 10.0/9.5
Players: Chase Utley (2B), Jimmy Rollins (SS), Cliff Lee (SP), A.J. Burnett (SP), Cole Hamels (SP), Jonathan Papelbon (RP), Carlos Ruiz (C), John Mayberry (1B/OF), Marlon Byrd (RF)

There is no team in the league that has more useful pieces than the Phillies and it's possible they won't even sell at the deadline. The Yankees have the money to take on most of Hamels' massive contract and Lee would strengthen a very depleted rotation. Utley and Rollins would be huge for a very disappointing infield, not just this year, but for 2015 as well. Brian Cashman should be able to pull off a great deal with Ruben Amaro if Philly actually decides to sell.

San Diego Padres
Record: 40-51 Games Back: 10.0/9.5
Players: Ian Kennedy (SP), Chase Headley (3B), Huston Street (RP), Joaquin Benoit (RP)

The Padres have a few interesting pieces that would help the Yankees. Despite Headley's struggles, he'd actually improve the Yankee lineup at this point and a reunion with Kennedy would be weird, but also a good idea. They even have a few bullpen pieces that would really help shorten games.

Tampa Bay Rays
Record: 42-52 Games Back: 9.0/8.5
Players: David Price (SP), Ben Zobrist (2B/RF)

It's highly unlikely that the Yankees and Rays will pair up for a trade this season, not because they're in the same division, but because New York doesn't really have the pieces necessary to get who they're selling. Ben Zobrist would be a great acquisition, but it's unlikely to happen for the Yankees this year.

Texas Rangers
Record: 38-53 Games Back: 19.5/11.0
Players: Alex Rios (RF), Joakim Soria (RP), Adrian Beltre (3B), Elvis Andrus (SS)

The Rangers have been absolutely decimated by injuries this season and that's why they're in this position now. Obviously their inventory is a little light right now so they might not do anything dramatic at the deadline, but the piece the Yankees could realistically acquire is Alex Rios as a right-handed bat.