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Top 40 Derek Jeter Moments, in celebration of the Captain turning 40

Because where wouldn't a round number celebration be without an arbitrary list?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Jeter turns 40 today. It seems like just the other day when he was a fresh-faced kid taking over the New York City sports market, winning championships and racking up crazy hit totals. Life is weird. Nonetheless, the big 4-0 is definitely a notable milestone. To celebrate, how about an arbitrary list? Most of the first 30 could really be in any order (and I had some fun with a few of them), so try not to read into the ranking too much; the only ones I really tried to rank were the top 10. Enjoy.

Top 40 Derek Jeter Moments

40. First career hit

39. #6 overall pick

38. Minor League Player of the Year

37. Vintage Jeter applause GIF


36. Almost an MVP


So close.

35. Jump play '98

34. Removing Mo

33. 25-game hitting streak


32. Back-to-back-to-back in '97

31. Sportsman of the Year

30. 1,000th hit

29. Catch over Cano

28. Walking off the Sox

(At 2:00)

27. Emphatic, yet brief, return

26. First walk-off

25. "Yeah Jeets"


24. Casual celebration


The Jeterian order of thinking:

  1. I did not achieve this feat,
  2. therefore I cannot issue a "Yeah Jeets" when watching this highlight in two hours time,
  3. therefore I will not expend any energy celebrating this.

Text from the brilliant mind of Matthew Floratos

23. 57-game reaching base streak


22. 2000 All-Star Game MVP

21. Jeter & Zim


<3 Zim

20. 2,000th hit dribbler

19. Steals leader

18. Captain

17. Classic celebration


16. First slam

15. Gift baskets

14. Subway Series relay

13. Kicking off 2003 rally

12. '96 Opening Day dinger

11. '96 Opening Day catch

10. Old Yankee Stadium speech

9. First epic fall into stands

8. Most hits at the Old Yankee Stadium

7. Maier-assisted homer

6. Franchise hit king

5. 2000 World Series MVP

4. Second epic fall into stands

3. DJ3K

2. Mr. November

1. The Flip


And just to add some extra candles, the five truly greatest parts of his career:






Happy birthday, Captain.