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Yankees Injuries: Michael Pineda has had another setback

An MRI revealed lingering inflammation near Pineda's right shoulder muscle.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After going on the disabled list on May 6th with a right shoulder muscle injury, it has seemed like Michael Pineda's experienced setback after setback. Now he's had another one. Pineda was originally scheduled to play catch yesterday, but an MRI revealed lingering inflammation near his right shoulder muscle. According to Joe Girardi, Pineda will now get another week off and they'll try to have him play catch on Saturday.

Prior to this setback, Pineda wasn't expected to return until August, and it's unclear whether this news would impact that at all. It probably depends on if he still has inflammation when they re-evaluate him next week, and if he experiences any pain whenever he ends up playing catch. If you're looking for a positive, then it would have to be that such a late return would eliminate the need for an innings cap. Considering the Vidal Nuno situation, and that we don't know how CC Sabathia's knee will hold up (or how he'll pitch after he returns), the Yankees could really use Pineda.

This news is also somewhat alarming, coming after last week's tweet (of questionable validity) saying that the Yankees might only give Pineda one more shot at rehab then shut him down and walk away. He was easily the second best pitcher in the rotation before the injury, so it seems like that would be a silly decision. Girardi didn't elaborate on what the game plan would be if Pineda still has inflammation next week, but here's hoping that this is the last setback news that we have to report.