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Yankees are connected to 11 of the top 30 international prospects

Yankees getting all the prospects


The July 2nd signing period is quickly approaching and by now you've heard that the Yankees plan to spend big on international players this year. I think we can all agree that they were serious because they've now been connected to 10 of the top 30 international prospects and even have unofficial agreement with some of them and are just waiting until they can make it all official.

Here are the 10 players and where they rank among the top 30:

No. 1 Dermis Garcia

No. 2 Nelson Gomez

No. 5 Juan De Leon

No. 9 Antonio Arias

No. 7 Jonathan Amundaray

No. 13 Hyu-Jun Park

No. 14 Wilkerman Garcia

No. 16 Diego Castillo

No. 18 Christopher Torres

No. 25 Miguel Flames

No. 29 Bryan Emery

We had previously reported that the Yankees were connected to Dermis Garcia, Nelson Gomez, Juan De Leon, as well as Jonathan Amundaray, Christopher Torres, and Diego Castillo. There was also Miguel FlamesAntonio Arias, and Hyu-Jun Park, while Wilkerman Garcia has been mistakenly connected to the Mets instead of the Yankees.

As of right now, it has been reported that they have deals with Garcia, Gomez, and Torres, and have a deal in place with Hyu-Jun Park. These will become official once the players turn 16 and are officially allowed to sign.

You can read all about the top 30 prospects at Yes, it will be a long time before we see any of these players even near the majors, but who interests you the most? I'm partial to the idea of Garcia, Gomez, and Park being highly rated infield prospects. The Yankees definitely need those, and this large of a haul has to produce someone useful.