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Daily Yankees Predictions 6/2/14: We're Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

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"Yesterday is history" is the only thing to say about that game/series this weekend. Now the Yankees will face the Mariners for a make-up game. Phelps vs. King Felix is going to be a thing tonight. New DP questions as well.


All that needs to be said about yesterday's game. Oh, and it's good to see that Chase Whitley is at least giving us great production, albeit small. Also, Dellin Betances can keep on keepin' on.

6/1/14 Daily Prediction Answers

1. How many innings does the Yankee starter pitch? 5
2. Total number of Yankee hits? 3

Total number of combined strikeouts?

(MATH BONUS: Guess the exact number of K's for Home & Away batters for double points. K's must equal the original combined strikeout guess)


(14 Away / 6 Home)

4. Total number of Yankee RBIs? 2
5. Total number of combined stolen bases? 0
6. How many relievers do the Yankees use tonight? 5
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight No One
8. Best overall Yankee of the night? Whitley/Betances

Amazingly enough, we have a winner from yesterday's DP thread. Valentin Matos is that victor, with a resounding 1,000 points for guess Whitley as one of the two Best overall Yankees of the night. A sad boxscore, but a victory is a victory.

6/2/14 Daily Predictions & Fun Question

1. How many innings does the opposing starter pitch?
2. Total number of Yankee batters walk?

Total number of Yankee batters XBH?

4. How many Home Runs do Yankee pitchers give up tonight?
5. How many relievers does the opposing team use tonight?
6. Name one Yankee you think will be left on base the most tonight
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight.
8. Best overall Yankee of the night?

First of the month (using again cause Sunday is a bad day to ask this question): Recommend a restaurant to your fellow PSAers. Try to make it different than the previous month.

Longest flight you've ever taken, and to where?

Packing: How long does it take you to pack for a trip?

Favorite cookie?

It was supposed to be an off-day for the Yankees. Now, they send David Phelps to pitch against Felix Hernandez of the Mariners. This should be fun.

Go Yankees.