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Daily Yankees Predictions 6/17/14: Tanaka Time vs Toronto

The Yankees are back home for some AL East division rivalry action. The Toronto Blue Jays are in the Bronx first to face off against Masahiro Tanaka. New PSA DP questions are here.

From now until the end of the month, the Yankees will face off against their AL East division rivals. First up are the AL East leading Toronto Blue Jays, who are ahead of the Yankees by 4.5 games. Winning this series would be a great opportunity to close the gap a bit. Thankfully, the Yankees will be starting off by sending Masahiro Tanaka to the mound tonight.

6/17/14 Daily Predictions & Fun Questions

1. How many innings does the Yankees starter pitch?
2. How many walks does the Yankees starter give up?
3. Combined number of strikeouts from both starting pitchers
4. Combined number of strikeouts from all relief pitchers
5. How many players does the opposing team leave on base tonight?
6. Name one Yankee who gets the most RBIs tonight
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight.
8. Best overall Yankee of the night?

Skin art: If you ever decided to get a tattoo, what would you get one of? If you already have tattoos, please describe them?

Planeteer Alert: EARTH! FIRE! WIND! WATER! HEART! Which ring of power would you want? (The Power Is YOURS)

Least favorite vegetable?

What popular song drives you nuts?

It's Tanaka Time, or Tanaka Tuesday. Whatever you want to call it, Tanaka is pitching tonight!

Let's Go Yankees