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Daily Yankees Predictions 6/10/14: Staying Up Late

After their rain out yesterday, the Yankees are back on the west coast to face the Mariners. Vidal Nuno will take the mound for the Yankees tonight. Late tonight for those of us on the East Coast. Predictions and Fun Questions await.

The Yankees are back on the west coast. Night owls and west coast Yankee fans should be happy. Our regular 9 to 5 East Coast Yankee fans are doomed though. Absolutely doomed. Speaking of doomed, start scoring runs now Yankees!

6/10/14 Daily Predictions & Fun Question

1. How many innings does the Yankees starter pitch?
2. Total number of Yankee batters hits?

How many runs do the Yankees relievers give up tonight?

4. How many Home Runs does the opposing pitchers give up tonight?
5. Name one Yankee who has the most total number of bases reached tonight
6. Name one Yankee who gets driven in home the most tonight
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight.
8. Best overall Yankee of the night?

Current song stuck in your head?

What kind of cell phone do you own?

Favorite preparation of potatoes?

Current book you're reading?

Vidal Nuno gets the start for the Yankees tonight. He will face Hisashi Iwakuma. The rain out yesterday denied us a Tanaka/Iwakuma matchup tonight. Either way, Iwakuma is good. Really good. Nuno is...

Good luck, Yankees!