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Thursday Night Open Thread: NFL Draft 2014

Yankees are off, but exciting things are happening elsewhere around sports.

Al Bello

Sports are really, really awesome. Even if you only follow one sport with passion and others with even a casual interest, you can basically find something going on year-round. Love baseball and think football is alright? Well, you can watch the Super Bowl while you wait for spring training to begin. Can't wait for the college hoops season to get into full swing? Enjoy watching the World Series in October. It's pretty nice!

Of course, many of us share our love amongst a few teams across a few sports. Tonight works out pretty well for you if you share your love of the Yankees with great affection for an NFL team. The Yankees have tonight off as they travel to Milwaukee for this weekend's series against the Brewers, meaning you can catch the NFL Draft beginning tonight at 8:00 pm EDT. TV coverage will be on ESPN and NFL Network. SB Nation also has a Live Draft show that may be worth checking out if you're interested.

The NFL blogs around SB Nation have been working hard, as we all do around draft time, to give some of the best individual team coverage of the draft around. If you're a fan of one of the New York teams, I highly suggest you check out their site tonight and beyond. Big Blue View will take care of your Giants needs, Gang Green Nation is your hub for all things Jets, and Buffalo Rumblings will be the place to go to talk about the Bills. You can also find the team blog of your choice here.

Who do you want your team to take tonight, if the NFL is your thing? Which player do you think will go first overall?

If you're not into the NFL, which is understandable, feel free to use this thread to discuss whatever else you may find to occupy your time while the Yankees take the day off. There are still a few baseball games tonight, with the Blue Jays facing the Phillies at 7:07 pm, the Orioles taking on the Rays at 7:10 pm, the Rockies and Rangers getting underway at 8:10 pm, the Cubs and White Sox facing off at 8:10 pm, the Royals and Mariners playing at 10:10 pm, and the Marlins/Padres and Giants/Dodgers also starting at 10:10 pm.

The Yankees will be back in action tomorrow night at 8:10 pm with Masahiro Tanaka set to square off with Yovani Gallardo of the Brewers.