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Daily Yankees Predictions 5/5/14: West side story

After a pretty dismal series against the Rays, the Yankees are out west to face the Angels. David Phelps gets the start, because that's what you want to stay up till 1AM to see. Might be better than what we saw from CC yesterday. The PSA DP is your Open Thread till the game begins.

Mood music: Late in the Evening by Paul Simon

Nothing quite gets you ready to take a 6-7 hour flight to the West Coast like a heaping tall glass of blah. In this series against the Rays, the Yankees offense went from "wet sloth" to "soaring eagle" to "polar bear on a scorching hot summer's day in the zoo." Now they're heading for Anaheim. Yay.

5/4/14 Daily Prediction Answers

1. Combined number of innings from both starting pitchers? 9.2
2. Total number of Yankee hits? 7
3. Total number of opponent's hits? 13
4. Total number of Yankee runs scored? (not just earned runs) 1
5. Total number of Yankee pinch hitters? 1
6. Name one Yankee you think will have the most RBI's tonight Solarte
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight No one
8. Best overall Yankee of the night?

The Aardvarks hate flying on a plane, so they decided to contact their west coast mathematicians to help them out for the next three day. Pamela & Paula Playtpus will be crunching the numbers and taking no prisoners while the Yankees are in Anaheim. Meanwhile, they are sad to announce that no one won yesterday. However it is still a woman's world in the Daily Yankees Predictions thread this month, as previous winners Blanky & Caitlin tied for the top spot. Sadly, they only tied with 1,000 points. Shockingly, no one picked Alfredo Aceves to be the Best overall Yankee of the night.

5/5/14 Daily Predictions & Fun Questions

1. How many innings does the Yankee starter pitch?
2. Total number of Yankee extra base hits? (excluding HRs)
3. Total number of opponent extra base hits? (excluding HRs)
4. Total number of combined walks?
5. Total number of combined stolen bases?
6. Total number of Yankee strikeouts?
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight.
8. Best overall Yankee of the night?

What is your favorite clothing accessory?

Prefered computer: Desktop or Laptop?

Fill in the blank: ...and your meal comes with soup or salad. "I'd like the _______ please!"

Cruises: Relaxing fun way to travel or floating biohazards not worth your money?

Well with the Yankees on the west coast for the next three days, that should give PSAers plenty of time for predictions. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on the Third Rock from the Sun in the Milky Way are never really fun to play in Anaheim. Play them there they must though. David Phelps will get the start for the Yankees tonight. Aceves just gave the Yankees 5.1 innings of three hits, no walk, five strikeouts, shutout baseball. Phelps might want to consider pitching well if he wants to keep his starter job. Oh god, look what we're discussing. These are interesting times.

go yankees go you are #1