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New York Yankees at Chicago White Sox, Kuroda vs. Noesi

Friday baseball in Chi-town!

Honor me, but keep it brief
Honor me, but keep it brief
Jonathan Daniel

Hector Noesi was an easy guy to root for when he was in the Yankees' minor league system. Overshadowed as a starter by Betances and Brackman and Banuelos, I thought he had as good a shot as any of reaching the majors.

Being successful as a starter in the majors... that still eludes him. Lots of hits, a fair number of walks, terrible facial hair. He's the kind of righty even Derek Jeter should find a way to hit against.

I fully expect him to pitch 8 innings of shutout ball against this lineup.


In the pinstriped corner, Hiroki Kuroda hopes to continue to build on recent positive outings: he's now allowed 3 runs or less in 3 of his last 4, with the outlier against the Mets when he gave up 4.

Go Yankees. Go baseball. Happy Friday.