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Off Day Open Thread 5/19/14: Heading For Chicago

The Yankees are off today as they are heading to Chicago to face the Cubs and then the White Sox. Use this as your open thread for today. Discuss whatever you'd like and see if anyone won yesterday's double header DP.

The Yankees split the doubleheader with the Pirates yesterday. However, they still secured a series win. Overall they went 4-3 on this homestand, and they are now in first place. Build from there and keep on keeping on, Yankees.

5/18/14 Daily Prediction Answers

1. How many innings does the Yankee starter pitch? (Game 1) 6 / (Game 2) 6
2. How many relief pitchers do the opponents use? (Game 1) 1 / (Game 2) 3
3. Total number of hits? (Game 1) 6 (H) 6 (A) / (Game 2) 10 (H) 8 (A)
4. Total number of combined home runs? (Game 1) 2 / (Game 2) 3
5. Total number of Yankees left on base? (Game 1) 2 / (Game 2) 7
6. Name one Yankee you think will have the most RBIs (Game 1) Teixeira / (Game 2) Solarte/Ryan
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight (Game 1) No One / (Game 2) Solarte
8. Best overall Yankee of the night? (Game 1) Teixeira / (Game 2) Solarte/Gardner

Aaron Uno and Aaron Dos were pissed at Aaron Tres for skipping out on doing any math for this doubleheader. They're also pissed he didn't offer to get the two of them any snacks. Such is life. As for said math, out of everything that happened, it turns out there was only one winner overall today. That winner is thelast42, who scored 3,000 for Game 1. For Game 2, it was another pointstravaganza as four people tied with 4,000 points. Caitlin, Billy W, Yankees199, and Q-TDSK were those four PSAers.

Fun Questions

What is your favorite thing to eat in the summer that you don't normally have any other season?

Karaoke: Which describes you... "Yeah, let's do it!" / "Um, I'll do it. But I'm gonna need a few drinks first!" / "No. Chance. In. Hell."

What is your most worn pair of shoes?

What is your favorite Pokemon? (If you don't have one, what is the current song stuck in your head?)

I must warn you that for the next 7 days, all the headlines of the Daily Yankees Predictions threads will be Chicago songs. You're welcome!