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Daily Yankees Predictions 5/17/14: Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

The Yankees and Pirates were rained out yesterday. They will make it up tomorrow with a doubleheader. Today, David Phelps will get the start. How long will he last? Make your predictions for that and more, inside the PSA DP thread.

Rain outs suck. Double headers suck way less, but also rock because there's more baseball in the day. David Phelps...well we're still on the fence on whether or not he sucks. As long as he is serviceable, he should be fine. Please be serviceable!

5/17/14 Daily Predictions & Fun Questions

1. How many innings does the Yankee starter pitch?
2. How many relief pitchers do the opponents use?

Total number of hits?

(One answer for both home & away batters; two chances to be correct. If hits are equal, DOUBLE POINTS)

4. Total number of combined home runs?
5. Total number of Yankees left on base?
6. Name one Yankee you think will have the most RBIs
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight.
8. Best overall Yankee of the night?

What is your favorite one-hit wonder?

If you could rename the Yankees, what would you call them?

How big is your TV?

What type of person are you when it comes to cleanliness?

Please forgive me for not writing my usual blurb here, but I got home really late from seeing Godzilla in IMAX 3D. It was amazing. That is all.

Let's Go Yankees!