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Daily Yankees Predictions 5/1/14: No More Rain and the April Predictions roundup

With the rain out yesterday, the Yankees will try and tie this home series with the Mariners, with the victor to be determined on June 2nd. Hiroki Kuroda will get the start tonight. DP questions and the tally of victors from April.

Mood Music: The Rain Song (Live) - Led Zeppelin

There were a lot of games rained out yesterday. It probably has something to do with the immense deluge of water coming from the clouds in the sky. At least, that's what science tells us. Either way, the rain is supposed to stop and the Yankees will get the final game of this series against the Mariners in. Before we get to the questions, the Aardvarks have tallied up the April victory totals.

April Yankees Prediction Victors

HighFlyers28 4
Caitlin Rogers 1
Andrew Mearns 1
Michael Brown 1
Billy W 1
GriffMan 1
Travis Lincoln 1
NoMahbles 1

There was no doubt that HighFlyers28 scored the most victories in April. However, it's May now. Is it time for someone else to take the lead? COULD THAT PERSON BE YOU?

5/1/14 Daily Predictions & Fun Questions

1. Combined number of innings from both starting pitchers?
2. Total number of Yankee hits?
3. Total number of opponent's hits?
4. Total number of Yankee runs scored? (not just earned runs)
5. Total number of Yankee pinch hitters?
6. Name one Yankee you think will have the most RBI tonight.
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight.
8. Best overall Yankee of the night?

No matter where you live, recommend one restaurant you love for your fellow PSAer. (This will be a question at the beginning of every month)

What is your ideal way to celebrate your birthday?

Ideal shower water temperature: Range between Cold - Warm - Hot - 'One step below scalding' Hot

Rain Gear: What is your proper rain combating attire or weaponry?

Hiroki Kuroda will take the mound tonight.  He is coming off a less than stellar outing his last time out. Obviously, we will be hoping for a rebound. Unless you're rooting for him to falter, in which case I don't know why you're on Pinstripe Alley. Shame on you.

If you cannot wait that long to watch some baseball, then good news. Today is Double Header Day in MLB. Perhaps you'd care to watch the Dodgers face off against the Twins in an Interleague matchup at 1PM. Or maybe you'd like to see the Red Sox and Rays take a football to the groin at 1PM? That probably won't happen, but we can hope! Plenty of afternoon baseball today.