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Seattle Mariners at New York Yankees: Elias vs. Phelps

David Phelps steps into the rotation

Al Messerschmidt

You can never have too much starting pitching.

Say it with me: You can never have too much starting pitching.

Just over a week ago, the Yankees were firing on all cylinders, riding a 5 game winning streak, with a formidable starting rotation and deep bullpen.

And then Ivan Nova hurt his elbow. And then Michael Pineda got suspended, followed by an injured armpit muscle (did you know you have armpit muscles? I mean, I don't have any, but apparently Pineda does). Suddenly Vidal Nuno is our #4 starter, and David Phelps (7 walks and 10 hits in 11.2 IP) is hoping that move to the rotation will get him back in the groove.

The Yankees need to hit to back up Phelps, but have hit .226/.338/.357 in the last week. Lowlights include a combined .289 SLG from the shortstop, .282 OBP from the DH, and one single in 12 ABs for pinch hitters.