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David Robertson to the disabled list with Grade 1 groin strain

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

David Robertson's introduction to the closer role in Mariano Rivera's absence didn't last very long, as the new Yankee closer is being placed on the DL with a Grade 1 groin strain. Robertson pulled his groin yesterday and Shawn Kelley will step in as closer until Robertson is able to return.

This is obviously not the news you want to hear so soon after the 2013 injury bug claimed seemingly every Yankee in sight. The team managed to make it through spring training and the first two series of the season with only Brendan Ryan and Mark Teixeira falling victim to the disabled list. Now you can add the most important reliever in the bullpen to that list.

Grade 1 strains are the least serious of all the possible groin strains, but still serious enough that Robertson would be out of commission for two weeks. Hopefully it doesn't take longer than that for him to get back into action.