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Sporcle quiz open thread: Jeter era Yankees home opener lineups

Today marked the Yankees' 19th home opener since the Captain's first in '96. Can you name every home opener lineup in the Jeter era?

Nick Laham

Another year, another Yankees home opener in the books. Tonight's Sporcle quiz open thread follows the theme of home openers, and this one remembers the long career of Derek Jeter. The Captain has been around for more home openers than any other Yankee, and this year was the Yankees' 19th since his first as the eventual AL Rookie of the Year in '96. How many of the home opener starting lineups can you name? I've included the home starting pitchers as well. Keep in mind that early season injuries can sometimes throw you off as to who started the games.

Enjoy your evenings and feel free to use this as an open thread for the NCAA men's basketball championship tonight between two low-seed underdogs... errr... UConn and Kentucky. There is also baseball! Red Sox/Rangers, Padres/Indians, Rays/Royals, and White Sox/Rockies.