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Who can the Yankees call up if Mark Teixeira has to go on the DL?

Teixeira has a right hamstring strain, and won't get an MRI until Monday. Who should play first base if he has to go on the DL?

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Teixeira left last night's game in the second inning, after straining his right hamstring chasing after a ball in foul territory. Who would have thought that he would end up with a leg injury after all the concern about his wrist? It was already planned that Tex would sit out of today's game to get a break from playing on the turf, but it sounds like he'll at least be held out until Monday, when he'll undergo an MRI in New York. The initial signs point to the possibility that Tex will need a stint on the DL, which makes the fact that the Yankees had no real backup plan for first base seem incredibly stupid.

Now that the Yankees have put Yangervis Solarte on the roster and DFA'd Eduardo Nunez, it is possible that Solarte can just play third base (especially since he's been hitting well!) and Kelly Johnson can play first base. Johnson has only played a handful of games at first base, though, so it would probably still be in everyone's best interest to call someone up. Plus, Kelly Johnson is also the back-up second baseman, so the team would still need an extra utility infielder. Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of choices.

The Yankees could call up Russ Canzler, who is playing first base in Triple-A. They've only played one game, but he went 2 for 4, with two doubles. During spring training he hit an uninspiring .143/.182/.143 through 21 at bats. He at least as actual first base experience, if that's what the Yankees want.

Scott Sizemore is another option. If Tex goes on the DL, and the Yankees want Johnson to take over at first base, then Sizemore could be a good backup infielder to relieve Solarte or Brian Roberts. During his one Triple-A game so far, he went 3 for 3, with a walk. Through 19 at bats during spring training, he hit .316/.409/.368.

Neither of those options sound very awe-inspiring, but I would probably call up Sizemore, if I had to pick between the two. Sizemore was a decent hitter with the Athletics, and now that his knees appear to be healthy, it might not be terrible to give him a shot. The best idea still seems like it would be finding an actual player who can play first base, but maybe I'm being too picky. Maybe the Yankees could trade away one of their surplus catchers for a first baseman.

Who do you think should be called up if Tex needs a stint on the DL? Are you okay with Kelly Johnson possibly taking over as the everyday first baseman? Can you think of a trade deal that could bring the Yankees a first baseman in exchange for one of the extra catchers (and another player or two)?