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Off-Day Open Thread: Friendly Competition

Masahiro Tanaka gets 11 strikeouts and gives up 2 runs on an "off-day" for him. Other teams should be concerned. Speaking of teams, it's time to pick one in a new friendly competition at Pinstripe Alley.

Masahiro Tanaka struck out eleven batters, walked four, and only gave up two runs over 6.1 innings. This was an "off-day" for him. Damn. Meanwhile, the Yankees took two games out of three from the Angels, giving them another series victory. Even though it's April, they are tied with the Rangers and the Athletics for the best record in the AL. Not too shabby.

4/27/14 Daily Prediction Answers

1. How many innings does the Yankee starter pitch? 6.1
2. Total number of Yankee doubles? 1
3. Total number of Yankee earned runs scored? 2
4. Total number of times Yankee batters strikeout? 8
5. Total number of times Yankee batters walk? 4
6. How many relief pitchers do the Yankees use? 2
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight Teixeira
8. Best overall Yankee of the night?

With the off day today, the Aarons are taking a quick trip to Denver, Colarado for some legal marijuana. One would think that they'd be on a natural high after watching Tanaka strike out 11 batters, but when I told them that they just threw a bottle at me. Speaking of Tanaka, being that everyone picked him as their Best overall Yankee of the night, everyone who participated scored at least one point. There were a lot of people who tied for 3,000 points as well. However, once again HighFlyers28 has claimed victory with 4,000 points. Boldly predicting the Mark Teixeira dinger gave him the edge he needed. Kudos.

Now for some Fun Questions

What is your dream car? (This can be either a real car or a fantasy/fictional car)

Bed time: Your covers/sheets... tucked or un-tucked?

Recommend a singer/band to your fellow PSAers that you personally think is "the shit!"

Favorite board game?

As Caitlin wrote about yesterday, the Yankees have been more aggressive on the base paths lately, stealing bags like they've got diamonds in them. Our OFBFF's Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner are most likely not competing to be the stolen base leader for the Yankees. We can still pretend that they are though, for our own amusement. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, except for those wagering money on said competition. We've only got internet points here.

Either way, it's time to ask yourself which team are you on; Team Ellsbury or Team Gardner?

You must choose, but choose wisely.