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Yankees send Bryan Mitchell back to Trenton, likely to make room for David Robertson

Bryan, we hardly knew ye.

"I was in the majors, I swear."
"I was in the majors, I swear."
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Following Saturday's debacle, the Yankees called up Preston Claiborne and Bryan Mitchell since Vidal Nuno was not going to pitch deep into Sunday's game and they wanted some fresh relievers. Mitchell was the emergency long reliever on Sunday in case Nuno imploded or the game went very long, and hell, the 12-inning affair almost saw him make his MLB debut. Mitchell was the last man left in the bullpen when the Yankees scored four runs in the top of the 12th, and he briefly started to warm up when Claiborne put some runners on his second inning of work while trying to close out the victory. Fortunately, the Yankees did not have to put the game in the hands of someone who has pitched just 14 innings above A-ball, as Claiborne escaped the jam to end the game.

Now that the Yankees have Monday off to recuperate from the wear and tear of the weekend series, the Yankees don't really need Mitchell on the 25-man roster anymore, as it's no longer an emergency situation and they need to make room for closer David Robertson's impending activation prior to Tuesday night's game in Boston. Thus, they have sent him back down from whence he came to Double-A Trenton, and in doing so, he has become the second phantom player on the Yankees' roster this season after Triple-A Scranton starter Shane Greene's two brief earlier call-ups. There's a decent chance both these players will make it back to the pros in a capacity where they'll actually be used, and while it might be a bit of a personal bummer for them that they didn't get to make their debuts, it's no doubt relieving for the Yankees. It's best for Mitchell to go back to his regular work developing as a starter on the Thunder.

Robertson appears to be ready to face the Red Sox tomorrow, so activating him tomorrow when he's eligible to come off the 15-day disabled list seems to be the obvious move. There's a chance that there might be further moves in the works to bring another starter up if the Yankees want to go a different direction from Nuno or David Phelps, but for now, it seems like Nuno (who will probably be more stretched out than the 69 pitches he was limited to on Sunday) will take the next start in place of the injured Ivan Nova on Saturday against the Angels.