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Off Day Open Thread 4/21/14: Answers and Questions

The Yankees have an off day. Vidal Nuno's audition went well. Your PSA DP answers from yesterday and more fun questions for today.

The Yankees are finally out of the cesspool that is Tropicana Field and are heading to Beantown to face the Red Sox for three games. While the Yankees have an off day, the Red Sox will finish up their series against the Baltimore Orioles on Patriots Day in Boston. The day has much more significant meaning to the city of Boston after the tragic events of last year.

While we often enjoy a good verbal bout with our longtime rivals and their fans, we here at Pinstripe Alley would like to encourage Yankee fans, and fans all alike, to offer up their best wishes to the city of Boston and those affected by what happened last year at the Boston Marathon.

4/20/14 Daily Prediction Answers

1. How many innings does the Yankee starter pitch? 5
2. Total number of strikeouts? (From both teams) 24
3. Total number of earned runs allowed? (From both teams) 5
4. Total number of stolen bases? (From both teams) 2
5. How many times do the umpires go to the replay? 2
6. How many relief pitchers do the opposing team use? 7
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight No One
8. Best overall Yankee of the night? Nuno/Anna/Beltran

Because it's hard to really nail down who took the Best Yankee victory yesterday, the Aaron's have decided on a three way tie, much like they do when splitting up the amount of ants they eat. As for Best Predictor? That honor goes to PSA scribe Caitlin, who scored 3,000 points. Pancakes correctly answers the starter's number of innings pitched, the total number of stolen bases, and the total number of replays. Bravo. A new batch of questions will be up on Tuesday, as Aaron Uno has come down with a slight case of "headache rage" due to Tropicana Field.

Since the Yankees are off tomorrow, just some Fun Questions for the day.

Art Commission: If price were no object, what would you have drawn/painted/sculpted for you and you specifically?

Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Ideal Pizza Toppings?

Is there any TV Show you kind of hate yourself for watching? (Past or Present)

Vidal Nuno made a very good impression yesterday. Only time will tell if that will translate into him becoming the 5th starter for the Yankees, as David Phelps is still a possibility. It's also possible that they make a trade or sign someone. Or maybe they just forfeit the season. Pack it up and cash it in, as it were. They probably won't do that.

The Yankees are not on, but plenty of other baseball to watch today. Unless you just need a break from baseball. If so, well I really don't know what to say to you. This is an off day open thread, so feel free to discuss whatever you'd like. If you're going to talk about something recent, Game of Thrones for example, please use spoiler tags. We here at the Pinstripe Alley staff appreciate it, as well as like not having to use the cannon.