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The very brief, but still wondrous history of the New York Yankees logo

What are we looking at here?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like we're looking at MLB team logos these last few days. First we had a list of the top baseball team logos of all time, then Grant Brisbee created his own list here at SB Nation, while also trashing the list from the first guy. Now I'm creating my very own list because of his list because of the other guy's list, but since this is a Yankees blog, and neither lists included anything Yankees-related, I'm making it Yankee-centric by only including Yankee logos. That's a lie. I'm looking at Highlander logos because if I looked at Yankees logos it would be a really boring list with just one thing on it. Also, there's no real ranking, this is just an observation.

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After moving from Baltimore to New York in 1903, because they disrespected Flanney, the newly christened Highlanders sported this fancy new logo. I'm sure it maybe looked nice on the uniform, but right now all I see is knives. Like a Swiss Army NY. I like to think turn-of-the-20th-century baseball looked just like late-1800's England and everyone had Cockney accents, so this logo makes me think of Jack the Ripper. Except with, you know, more knives.


Wanting a do-over, the Highlanders went with this beauty, which really just looks like old dead trees. I can only imagine that this was the inspiration, if not for the apple-throwing asshole trees from The Wizard of OZ, than at least Grandmother Willow or something equally as terrifying.


I did this to you on purpose. Look at this mess. Why are we drifting away like this? We go from felt cutouts to simplistic typeface to the bones of little children in only three years. And the N and Y keep drifting. I kind of wish they didn't go with their final emblem logo just to see how far apart these two letters could go. Seriously, though, that last one is definitely made from someone's bones.


And here we are! The Highlanders took a logo originally designed by Louis Comfort (!) Tiffany, the son of the founder of Tiffany & Co. and probably didn't pay him any royalties for it. Just think of how rich the Tiffany family could have been if their stupid ancestor got it in writing. Then the New York Giants probably (read: definitely) stole their idea, but were smart enough to disguise the logo just enough to not make it totally obvious. No way it was the other way around.

This is the end of the Great History of Yankees Logos. It was a very long and winding path, I'm sure. The franchise has used the same logo for over 100 years, and not like different variations, I mean the same exact one. For forever. It's so old.