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Off Day Open Thread 4/15/14: Interleague is upon us

The first interleague series of the year begins for the Yankees, as the Chicago Cubs come to the Bronx for two games. They get to face our two bright young starters, Tanaka and Pineda. With this game now postponed, feel free to use it as your open thread for the day.

I am not a fan of interleague play. Nevertheless, it's here to stay. The Cubs have come for just two days. Let's hope Tanaka gets some K's.

4/14/14 Daily Predictions Answers

1. ATL @ PHI: Winner/Final Score? ATL 9 - PHI 6
2. TB @ BAL: Winner/Final Score? TB 1 - BAL 7
3. PIT @ CIN: Winner/Final Score? (Will be determined later on tonight)
4. WSH @ MIA: Winner/Final Score? WSH 9 - MIA 2
5. SEA @ TEX: Winner/Final Score? SEA 7 - TEX 1
6. STL @ MIL: Winner/Final Score? STL 4 - MIL 0
7. NYM @ ARI: Winner/Final Score? NYM 7 - ARI 3
8. OAK @ LAA: Winner/Final Score? OAK 3 - LAA 2
9. COL @ SD: Winner/Final Score? COL 4 - SD 5

The Pirates and Reds game was postponed until later this afternoon, so the winner of yesterday's Daily Non-Yankees Prediction thread will be announced later on tonight. There were a LOT of dingers in that game. Ten in six innings. That's crazy. Now for some new Daily Yankees Prediction questions.

4/16/14 Daily Predictions & Fun Questions

1. How many innings does the Yankee starter pitch?
2. Total number of strikeouts? (From both teams)
3. Total number of earned runs allowed? (From both teams)
4. Total number of stolen bases? (From both teams)
5. How many times do the umpires go to the replay?
6. How many relief pitchers do the opposing team use?
7. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight
8. Best overall Yankee of the night?

UPDATE: You can feel free to answer these questions now, or just consider them a preview. Another Daily Predictions Thread will be posted tomorrow around 10-11AM before the day game. For now, some Daily Non-Yankees Predictions.

1. ATL @ PHI Final Score?
2. TB @ BAL Final Score?
3. CLE @ DET Final Score?
4. PIT @ CIN Final Score?
5. WSH @ MIA Final Score?
6. SEA @ TEX Final Score?
7. BOS @ CWS Final Score?
8. KC @ HOU Final Score?
9. STL @ MIL Final Score?
10. TOR @ MIN Final Score?
11. NYM @ ARI Final Score?
12. OAK @ LAA Final Score?
13. COL @ SD Final Score?
14. LAD @ SF Final Score?

Favorite subject in high school?

What fictional universe would you love to live in? (From books, TV, movies, etc.)

Favorite non-baseball athlete?

Smoothies: What fruit/vegetable/whatever goes in yours?

If my work schedule was not so crazy this week, I would probably have gone to tonight's game to watch Masahiro Tanaka start. Seeing him pitch live was awesome. However, it's going to be a rainy day here in NYC. Let's hope the Yankees can get this game in. If not, we're looking at a possible double header tomorrow.



Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda pitching on the same day. And you may ask yourself, " did I get here?"

Feel free to use this as your Open Thread for the day. What are your plans for the evening now?