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Open Thread Off Day: Injury problems, Daily Predictions answers, and more.

No beer and no Yankees Baseball make Yankee fans something something...

Can you believe what the Yankees did to the Red Sox in yesterday's episode of Game of Thrones? Total shocker. Who knew that Adam Warren had that kind of brutality in him? There's no telling what will happen this week in Bronxteros. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a day to find out as the Yankees have the day off. Now for Daily Predictions answers.

4/13/14 Daily Predictions Answers

1. How many innings does the opposing team starter pitch? 6.2
2. Total number of strikeouts by the Yankee starter only? 4
3. Total number of earned runs allowed by the Yankees' bullpen? 0
4. Total number of walks given up by Yankee pitchers? 1
5. Total number of Yankee extra base hits? 3
6. Name one Yankee you think will hit a home run tonight


7. Name a Yankee you think will have the best defensive play of the game Ichiro
8. Best overall Yankee of the night? Beltran

The current clairvoyant titan of 2014, HighFlyers28, has once again emerged victorious with a 3,000 point victory. PSA, you have your new enemy. HighFlyers28, you might want to consider playing the lotto while the force is strong with you. Just a suggestion. As there is no Yankees Baseball today, there will be no Daily Yankees Predictions. To keep it going though, here are some simple Daily Non-Yankees Predictions.

4/14/14 Daily Predictions & Fun Questions

1. ATL @ PHI: Winner/Final Score?
2. TB @ BAL: Winner/Final Score?
3. PIT @ CIN: Winner/Final Score?
4. WSH @ MIA: Winner/Final Score?
5. SEA @ TEX: Winner/Final Score?
6. STL @ MIL: Winner/Final Score?
7. NYM @ ARI: Winner/Final Score?
8. OAK @ LAA: Winner/Final Score?
9. COL @ SD: Winner/Final Score?

Rockies fans get a Taco Bell deal if the team scores 7 runs. What kind of silly deal would you like the Yankees to do?

Favorite Muffin?

Favorite Beatles song?

Interleague: What NL team do you look forward to the Yankees playing more than any other?

The Yankees just took three games out of four from the Red Sox. In 2013, that seemed like a near impossible task. Feel free to discuss that. Speaking of 2013, injuries. Feel free to discuss this as well. Tanaka pitches on Tuesday against the Cubs. I'm thinking of buying last minute tickets to see him pitch live again. Is that wrong?

Please feel free to use this open thread all day long. The next time there is Yankee Baseball on a Monday, they'll be in Anaheim to face the Los Angeles Angels of said Anaheim. Good times.