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Yankees lineup vs. Red Sox - Jacoby Ellsbury will get his World Series ring tomorrow

Jim McIsaac

The Yankees take on the defending champion Boston Red Sox in the first game of a four-game series. Michael Pineda will take the ball for the Yankees in his first game at Yankee Stadium. That's two home debuts in a row!

It looks like Gardner, Jeter, and Ellsbury will be the top three going forward, at least until Mark Teixeira comes back. In my opinion maybe Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann should be flipped so that teams aren't able to pitch around Beltran to go after the struggling McCann, like we saw last night.

Yangervis Solarte continues to start at third and bat at the back of the lineup. He's had a hot bat, but it wouldn't surprise me if last night was the beginning of the end for the Legend of Yangervis. We've seen rookies like David Adams and Zoilo Almonte thrive in their first week only to hit the floor from there on after. Hopefully this won't be the case here, but I've been waiting for reality to hit. Dean Anna will make the start in replacement of Brian Roberts, who gets a day off after coming so close to a walk-off home run against his former team. That would have been something.

It has been reported that Jacoby Ellsbury, and don't forget Matt Thornton, though he wasn't on the Postseason roster, will receive their World Series rings tomorrow. This would probably excite me a lot more if it wasn't the Red Sox handing them out. Oh well, Ellsbury's been great so far, so good for him! And yay Thornton too.