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Yankees GIFs: Mark Montgomery displays intimidation factor

Wait, that's not steam.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees made a comeback in the ninth inning to tie the score against the Rays in as dramatic a fashion as spring training will allow. As we went to extra innings, Yankee prospect Mark Montgomery entered and slammed the door on Tampa Bay's offense. And he brought intimidation with him to the mound. Because he's a super badass, he struck out Vince Belnome on three pitches and just walked away like it was no big thing:

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Even though it was just the first out. Like, he was done with this inning. Don't care about your three outs. If we were to grade out his walk against the 20-80 scale, it's probably about a 50 Intimidation. Thankfully, he shows the upper limits of his intimidation tool in the next five seconds when he blows steam directly out of his nostrils. Like one of those angry bulls:

Wait, that's not steam. I'm not sure where snot rockets rate on the scale.