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Eduardo Nunez GIF appreciation post

Saying farewell through some of Nunez's most memorable GIFs.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Eduardo Nunez has officially been optioned to Triple-A in favor of Yangervis Solarte making the roster instead (Woohoo!). While this doesn't necessarily mean that the Yankees have seen the last of Nunez, a brief reprieve seems like a good reason to celebrate with some of his most memorable GIFs.

Nunez to Triple-A means...

No more flying helmet

I still don't understand why they couldn't find him a helmet that fit.

No more tripping around the bases

No more creative errors

Why throw the ball in the air when you can double hop it instead?

No more everyday injuries

I can just hear him saying "Freddy tripped me!!"

He did have a heck of a series against the Tigers in the ALCS though

Too bad he couldn't hit like this all the time.

Nunez to Triple-A, Solarte on the roster Opening Day:

Feel free to post your favorite Nunez GIFs below. Hat tip to Andrew and Matthew Floratos for the non-SB Nation GIFs.