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Yankees Opening Week predictions competition

Make predictions, win a book!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Opening Day is finally upon us, so why not make it a little interesting? Let's turn the first week of the Yankees season into a competition. It's as simple as making 15 predictions in the comment section below and if you're the winner, you get a real-life prize! I have come across a copy of The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood and I'm willing to stick it in the mail and send it to the one lucky commenter who can correctly predict the most of the following:

1 First Yankee to get a hit next week
2 First Yankee to steal a base next week
3 First Yankee to take a walk next week
4 First Yankee to hit a home run next week
5 First Yankee to strikeout next week
6 First Yankee to commit an error next week
7 Total hits allowed for CC Sabathia next week (Tue-Sat)
8 Total strikeouts for Masahiro Tanaka next week (Tue-Sat)
9 Total innings pitched for Michael Pineda next week (Tue-Sat)
10 Number of hits for Derek Jeter next week (Tue-Sat)
11 Number of Saves for David Robertson next week (Tue-Sat)
12 Starting pitcher with the least ER allowed next week (Tue-Sat)
13 Which Yankee will hit the most home runs next week (Tue-Sat)
14 Which Yankee will have the most hits next week (Tue-Sat)
15 How many total wins will the Yankees have next week (Tue-Sat)
Tie Breaker Highest total of runs the Yankees score in one game next week?

Anyone can play, but PSA staff can't win. If one of us wins, which is possible, since we're awesome, the prize will go to the next best set of predictions that was made by a commenter. You can only enter once, so no secondary accounts (believe me, we'll know). You have until Tuesday at noon EDT to make your predictions, so don't you dare be late if you want to win! Aw yeah.

**Predictions are only meant to cover the first week of games, beginning Tuesday against the Astros and ending Saturday against the Blue Jays**


At the end of the first week of baseball, we have a winner. Unfortunately, the Yankees offense was not as helpful as many of you thought they would be.

First Hit First SB First BB First HR First K First Error CC Hits Tanaka K's Pineda IP Jeter Hits D-Rob Saves Starter with lowest ER Most HRs Most Hits Wins Most runs in one game
Beltran Ellsbury Teixeira None Jeter Beltran 8 8 6 2 1 Pineda None Ichiro/Solarte 2 7

After the first 15 predictions we had a three-way tie between ekwfan6, Meatface, and yankees2312. Thankfully, there was a tie-breaker for just such a predicament:

Congratulations to ekwfan6 for correctly guessing that Jacoby Ellsbury would have the first stolen base, Mark Teixeira would walk first, Derek Jeter would strikeout first and collect only two hits. He also guessed that the Yankees would score a high of seven runs, which broke the tie and proved him victorious.

To claim your prize, you can click my name attached to this post where you'll find my email address. Message me and let me know where you would like your new book sent.

Thanks to everyone who played and I hope we can do more things like this in the future.


Please contact me or I'll have to give the prize to someone else! You have one week from today, Sunday April 13.