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Mark Teixeira admits that he doesn't trust his wrist is completely healthy

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Teixeira's spring training hasn't been very inspiring, but that may be expected for a notorious slow starter that missed nearly all of 2013 recovering from a wrist injury and subsequent surgery. Wrist injuries have been known to linger and sap power from the bats of sluggers. However, it is concerning that Teixeira is admitting that he still doesn't trust that his wrist is 100% healthy over a year removed from the initial injury.

Although the Yankees' first baseman says that his wrist is feeling stronger, he doesn't feel fully comfortable finishing his swing without the expectation of pain. Teixeira admits that he's more concerned with protecting his wrist at this point than completing his follow through. Until he feels like he can finish his swing without thinking that his surgically-repaired wrist will experience discomfort, there could be a lot more futile at-bats from Teixeira like the ones that have led to his sub-.100 spring batting average.

Perhaps a bigger problem for the Yankees is that their backup first baseman is their starting third baseman in Kelly Johnson. Alfonso Soriano is an outfielder and DH with only a few reps under his belt at first base. Russ Canzler failed to impress in camp before being cut and optioned to the minors. If Teixeira has to miss any time, the Yankees are looking at starting the likes of Eduardo Nunez or Dean Anna starting at third base. The shaky infield picture becomes a degree or two shakier at that point, considering the injury concerns surrounding Derek Jeter and Brian Roberts as well.

It seems unlikely at this point that Teixeira is on the verge of actually missing time, but frustration ahead seems like a near certainty if he's going to be batted in the middle of the lineup until he feels more comfortable with his wrist.