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Sporcle quiz open thread: More games than Yuni?

Yuniesky Betancourt has been below replacement level for his whole career, but it's crazy to see who played fewer career games than him.

Jamie Squire

We are not great fans of Eduardo Nunez around here, but Yuniesky Betancourt has been trolling baseball with his constant presence on MLB rosters for a far longer amount of time than Nunez. Although Yuni's off to Japan this year to make Ichiro Suzuki bemoan the fate of his old Orix team, the former's career games played total in Major League Baseball is already higher than it really should be.

In the below Sporcle quiz, there are 20 players of relative note who should all have probably had more career games played than Yuni, but that is not the case. So whose games played total is higher than Yuni's, and whose is disturbingly lower?

Have a spectacular evening. Use this as an open thread for tonight, too.