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Yankees Injury Updates: Ryan, Turley, Teixeira, Austin, Sizemore, Heathcott, Ramirez, Rondon

Taking a look at the players who are recovering from injuries.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brendan Ryan considers the sore oblique that's kept him out of action for the past few days to be a non-issue. Ryan thinks the Yankees are just being overly cautious, and even said, "Back end of a quadruple-header, I’d be upset if I wasn’t in there." Joe Girardi said that Ryan's going to be reevaluated on Tuesday, and Ryan said he expects to play Wednesday.

Nik Turley is expected to be shut down for the next two weeks, as his pitching arm has remained tight. On the plus side, tests have come back clean, and Turley said that he's more frustrated that he can't pitch than he is concerned about his arm.

Mark Teixeira has finally gotten into some spring training games, and he says that his wrist has felt fine. "No complaints so far." Although it sounds weird to say, Tex is anxious to swing and miss, and check his swing, as both of these motions will test his wrist. So far, so good.

Tyler Austin has had a lingering wrist injury, but it might be clearing up. Chad Jennings reported that he saw Austin wearing batting gloves and headed towards the batting cage on Sunday morning. If he's able to swing a bat, then it sounds like we can be cautiously optimistic that his wrist is improving.

Scott Sizemore is coming off of back-to-back ACL surgeries on his left knee, which caused him to miss the entire 2012 season, and almost the entire 2013 season. Although he's been confined to playing in a pretty big brace, he says that he's gotten used to it and has been moving well on the field. If he can stay healthy, he just might have a shot at making the team.

Slade Heathcott has been working his way back from minor knee surgery that cut his 2013 season short. He's been limited to running on a treadmill, and taking dry swings, though he was scheduled to hit off a tee on Saturday. Heathcott has not felt any knee pain so far.

Jose Ramirez and Francisco Rondon have been cut from spring training due to lingering injuries. Rondon has been dealing with shoulder pain for several weeks, while Ramirez has an oblique injury.