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Open Thread: Disney arguments unleashed

There is a Disney discussion of epic proportions going on among the PSA writers in the Twitterverse. What are your thoughts?

"Wait, you liked Hercules? Door."
"Wait, you liked Hercules? Door."

Moving away from baseball's RIVETING news of late, it's time for a completely off-topic discussion. The subject matter: Disney. It's causing chaos among our writers on Twitter at this very moment. Almost everyone has a different opinion on the best Disney movies and songs. So what are yours?

1. What are your top 5 Disney films?

2. What are your top 5 best Disney songs?

3. Who is the best Disney princess?

4. Who is the best Disney villain?

5. To steal a Centerstage question, if you were trapped in a foxhole with one Disney character, which would it be?