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Harold Reynolds will reportedly replace Tim McCarver on FOX; the nation shudders

O blessed mute button, do not fail me

Doug Pensinger

FOX Sports had a crisis on its hands last Fall. Ol' Tim McCarver finally realized that his time actually passed years ago and it was time to leave the broadcast booth; he had to move on to bigger and greater cardboard box festivals, after all. So who could possibly join New York's favorite, Joe Buck, for the lead Saturday Games of the Week, the All-Star Game, and the playoffs on FOX? The answer was rumored throughout the off-season, and Jason McIntyre's report at The Big Lead all but confirms it: Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci.

Verducci's been a talented Sports Illustrated writer for years, and it's hard to quibble with his merit other than minimal broadcast experience. That's not a big deal though--Verducci should be fine. On the other hand, those who don't get MLB Network or watch much non-game content on might have forgotten about Reynolds for the better part of the past decade. Prior to that, he was with ESPN on Baseball Tonight for 10 years, until a very suspicious hug or whatever got him fired following the 2006 season. He joined shortly after that, appearing in videos online until MLB Network went live in 2009 and he became one of its lead analysts.

Unfortunately, most of his #analysis does not include well-formed arguments and in some cases, contains misinformation. The "MLB Now" show on MLBN that pits Reynolds's "old school" ideas against Brian Kenny's "new school" thinking makes neither look good since I'm sure both sides exaggerate their stances to extremes to create more of a divide in opinion. It's lovely. Now though, it seems that Reynolds is moving on to a far more prominent stage on one of the primary television networks. They could have hired someone far more competent, but alas. At least we get to keep Coney and Singleton on YES, I suppose.

To celebrate Reynolds's near-official promotion, here are some of his best gems from the past season, courtesy of the Twitter account "Heard on MLB Tonight" with a hat tip to Lana Berry for pointing out some of the greatest:

Get pumped. Bless you, mute button.