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Yankees injury updates: Ramirez, Nunez, Austin, Turley, Daley, Rondon

The boo-boo review

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Austin

Austin has seen his value fall dramatically over the last year. A wrist injury, diagnosed as a bone bruise, ruined most of his 2013 season. He was supposed to play winter ball, but the injury flared up again. He was hoping that this year would be a fresh start, but his wrist is still bothering him and his wrist will be reevaluated. A bone bruise just needs to heal, but the longer this becomes a problem, the more I start to worry that it's something more serious.

Jose Ramirez

After suffering an oblique strain last year and missing the second half of the season, Jose Ramirez needed a strong and healthy 2014 to regain some of his prospect value and show that he can be a major league option relatively soon. He seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot, though, because he's already dealing with a tight back. Ramirez was supposed to be available out of the bullpen in Wednesday's game, but he was held out as a precaution instead. They'll try again today and see how he's doing. It doesn't sound serious, but who knows anymore.

Odds and Ends

Alfonso Soriano is expected to be ready for games by March 2. He had been fighting the flu, so now that he's feeling better, the Yankees will give him extra time before he makes his spring debut. Eduardo Nunez was a late scratch from Wednesday's game because of a tummy ache. Apparently he got food poisoning, because of course he did. RIP, Nunie.

Nik Turley is resting a sore arm for the next few days. Matt Daley was available out of the bullpen on Wednesday, but he was held out because he has a sore calf. Francisco Rondon is feeling sore, possibly in his shoulder, so he might be shut down for a bit. Everyone feels sore now that baseball has started back up.

Chad Jennings just released a few updates:

Francisco Rondon is going to be shut down for a "couple of weeks" because of his shoulder issue that popped up yesterday. ... Jose Ramirez was sent for two MRIs, one on his back and one on his oblique to figure out what was causing his tightness yesterday. No word yet on test results. ... Giradri said he did not yet have an update on Tyler Austin's wrist, but Austin did have the wrist unwrapped last I saw him in the clubhouse. Might be totally meaningless, but it's the first time in several days that I'd seen him without it wrapped up.