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Derek Jeter to retire: Reaction from around the internet

The Captain is going to hang them up after 2014 and the internet has opinions about this.

Jim McIsaac

Derek Jeter announced earlier today that the 2014 season would be his last as a professional baseball player. The Yankees' captain has been one of the most popular figures in the sport for years, so naturally his announcement has caused a bit of a stir among Yankees fans and non-Yankees fans alike. Here's what the internet has had to say about Jeter's decision to hang them up for good.

Avoiding the attention of a year-long farewell tour would have been the Jeter thing to do, but he has more than earned his right to go out with a bang.

Aw, nostalgia.

No one wanted Jeter to hang around and be broken down. It's no surprise that his ankle surgery proved detrimental enough to possibly hurry his decision along.

More nostalgia!

Here's what our Twitter followers had to say about the announcement:

That is definitely the preferable outcome.

We feel your pain, Chris.

It really does have a way of making you feel old.

I'm still not over The Hug of Eternal Feels, guys.

A true statement for many of us:

It's sad now, but would have been much more sad if he hadn't announced it until the season was over. Gives us time to prepare our feels.


Now taking bets on what the best/worst gift will be and which team will come up with it. Go.

What are your thoughts and feelings on Jeter's retirement announcement now that you've had a few hours to process the news?