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MLB reportedly ready to drop lawsuit against Biogenesis after Rodriguez accepts suspension

They got exactly what they wanted

Jamie Squire

It took awhile, but Alex Rodriguez finally accepted his 162-game suspension when he decided to drop the lawsuits he had previously filed to try to get the verdict of his appeal dismisses. In the wake of him dropping his lawsuits against MLB, the players union and commissioner Bud Selig, Major League Baseball has done the same. In the interest of washing their hands of the entire Biogenesis mess, MLB is on the verge of dropping its lawsuit against Anthony Bosch and five others, including Carlos Nunez, a former employee of the ACES sports agency.

The suit originally accused the defendants of "'intentional and unjustified tortious interference' with contracts between MLB and its players by providing them with banned substances." Many critics believed that baseball's lawsuit against the Biogenesis founder lacked significant evidence and was merely a ploy to get the drug dealer to testify against the players who were accused of using performance enhancing drugs.

Now that they are seemingly dropping all charges, it sounds like that's exactly what it was. They held Bosch hostage to get his testimony and now they no longer have any use for him. In the end, their strategy worked perfectly and with the takedown of Rodriguez, many are calling it a nigh-complete victory for MLB and Bud Selig. Now that they have what they want, MLB will no longer consider pursuing further action against A-Rod.

I know Alex Rodriguez did something wrong and now he's paid the price. I just have a problem with how Major League Baseball was able to essentially blackmail a drug dealer into taking down one of their most high profile players and getting away with it without much criticism. We've heard the suspicious stories about how both sides acted during the investigation, but I don't believe MLB should be allowed to simply walk away with their hands clean. It seems that dropping the lawsuit is proof as to the nature of their relationship with Bosch. They were never interested in Bosch as a criminal, just Bosch as a witness. That sounds like blackmail to me and now they're just showing off.