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Yankees sign Andrew Miller: Media reactions

What kind of hot takes did the people of Twitter bring to the news of the tall lefty signing in New York?

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So... it's been a bit of a busy day in Yankeeland. This morning, the Yankees made news by officially acquiring a new shortstop, Didi Gregorius, in a three-team trade that sent young starter Shane Greene to the Tigers. That would have made for a big day regardless, but they weren't done. There have been rumors for days connecting the Yankees to setup man extraordinaire Andrew Miller, and the two sides made their pact official, as the Yanks inked Miller to a four-year, $36 million contract. Although it was an exciting move to bring in an arm from 2014 so dominant that the Orioles dealt a top prospect in exchange for half a season of him, it did cast serious doubt over the Yankees' intentions to bring back popular homegrown closer David Robertson. All things considered, how did Twitter react?

That would be pretty ideal, though it'd still be fun to have D-Rob back. One figures that the Yankees will pick one of Miller or Dellin to close if he doesn't return though, despite this nice idea.

It's a risky business giving multi-year, high-value contracts to relievers, but Miller has been excellent enough over the past few years that $9 million per year really doesn't seem that bad.

As intriguing as Miller is, I would not complain about bringing D-Rob back as well. Imagine how devastating that bullpen could be! Unfortunately, I don't know that the Yankees will get both. Sigh. Gonna miss D-Rob.

One knock against Miller--he didn't respect Tanya's time. What a rascal!

As Eno notes, the deal could certainly carry some risk, too, but here's hoping Miller stays consistent.

What a swell guy! Even if D-Rob doesn't come back, the prospect of both Miller and Dellin Betances back-to-back in some order is... just a bit intimidating. Also, the fact that "Strikeout Factory" Jacob Lindgren could join the fray in short order only makes matters worse for them, especially lefties. Oh, those poor lefties.


I think Chris Davis preferred it when Miller was on his side. Womp womp.

Well those numbers are okay, too.

Some people might forget that Miller was once a prospect centerpiece of a trade that brought Miguel Cabrera to the Tigers from the Marlins. He didn't pan out in the rotation, but like Dellin, he's found his niche as a reliever. Always good to see players who work so hard for a very long time finally get their due!

lawl Astros


So what did you think of the Miller signing?