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Yankees trade for Didi Gregorius: Media reactions

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees made their move to acquire a shortstop when they traded Shane Greene in a three-way deal with the Tigers and Diamondbacks to get Didi Gregorius. At this point it's tough to see a clear winner in the deal; Greene showed a lot of promise, but could also be at his highest value, while Gregorius is well-liked for his defense, but doesn't have much of a bat. Time will tell who wins this deal, but that won't stop people from bringing their hot takes to Twitter.

A starting shortstop is definitely well worth a backend starter, especially when there is Jon Lester, Brandon McCarthy, and Max Scherzer available to help fill the rotation.

It's hard to see a young homegrown player leave, but this could very well be the best Greene will ever get in his major league career. Given the team's needs, this was a move that had to get done.

He's not much of a hitter, but he does have a good reputation for his work in the field. If he can be a plus-defender for the Yankees, this could be a win for a team that has dealt with Derek Jeter's declining defense for years.

If you don't think Brian Cashman has been doing a good job for the Yankees, keep in mind what he's managed to take off the scrapheap and turn into legitimate talent. Greene might be the best of those three, but he also wasn't very highly regarded until recently. He might not end up being much for the Tigers.

This might be where I am right now with the trade. I don't hate it or love it, I recognize it as something that needed to happen. Maybe I'll love it later or maybe we'll all end up hating it, but as of right now it makes sense.

Any trade for a shortstop, especially a young one, is going to get hit with a ton of Jeter comparisons, but as PSA commenter Long Time Listener says, "1999 Derek Jeter isn't walking through that door." Overall, the offense isn't going to be there, but the defense will be better. Gregorius should be a big upgrade over 2014 Derek Jeter, which won't be that hard, but still:

Pray for Didi because it's going to be brutal for him if he struggles. What are your reactions?