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PSA Comments of the Day 12/5/14: Mystery team chases Headley

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Supposedly, Chase Headley has a 4 year, $65 million dollar offer from a mystery team. That may very well push the Yankees out of the chase for him. Or maybe they are the mystery team. Pitchers and catcher report in 76 days.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Mystery team is up to its no good tricks again. The enigmatic team supposedly has offered a four year, $65 million dollar deal for Chase Headley's third base services. Unless the Yankees are that mystery team, that may force the Yankees to rely on Martin Prado at third base and hope that one of Refsnyder or Pirela (Refirela?) work out at second base.

Comments of the Day

I think Harlan prefers Joe Girardi to Joe Torre when it comes to Yankee managers.

What a way with words from waw. Still though, sound advice.

You know, while Yoda might make an interesting hitting coach, I think using the Force in baseball might be cheating.

Andrew is right. Luke Gregerson does look like a villain.

LTL shows us what a true villain looks like.

GIF of the Day

Mr. Mahbles nominated Link, also known as the Derek Jeter of Hyrule, as the Yankees' new hitting coach. The Triforce of Clutch will serve the Yankees well in their time of need. Also, anyone else picturing Mark Teixeira dressed up as Princess Zelda now?

Honorable Mod Mention

Nothing really honorable happened yesterday. Sorry fellow mods, but you all blew it!

Fun Questions
  • Who would you rather the Yankees sign to a four year deal: Chase Headley or Andrew Miller?
  • Dried Fruit: great snack or dry inedible garbage?
Song of the Day

You Know What by N.E.R.D.

As always, please link us your Song of the Day.

It's the end of the week. Jon Lester is expected to sign with a team soon. The Yankees may try and make a splash before the Winter Meetings begin. They also may offer us all free season tickets because we're the best Yankees blog in the universe. Either way, we must wait.

Winter Meetings are coming