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My dad's hot take on the 2015 Yankees

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We all have moms and dads and uncles who like to give their opinions about sports. I decided to give you all a treat and give my dad a voice about the 2015 Yankees. Like a lot of you, he's not happy with the direction the team is going in. While we were getting ready for Christmas, I asked him about each player and he gave me his opinion in return. What follows are my dad's hot takes:

Carlos Beltran - "I think he's done. He's gonna play 40 games."

Dellin Betances - "He had a great year, you can't say anything about it. Is he going to be the closer?" /shrug

Jacoby Ellsbury - "I think he's a good center fielder."

Nathan Eovaldi - "His numbers suck. You might as well throw me out there."

Brett Gardner - "He had a great year. I hope he can pull it off again."

Didi Gregorius - /shakes head "short-term thing at best. He doesn't seem like a good player for the longterm. He can't hit at all."

Brian McCann - "I like him; he's a hard-nosed guy. He's not afraid of contact down there."

Andrew Miller - "Do you think they're better off with Miller than Robertson at $3 million less? I don't think so."

Michael Pineda - "Is he the guy with the pine tar?"

CC Sabathia - /shakes head "I hope he gains 50 pounds. He's obviously not a no. 1 anymore."

Alex Rodriguez - "I think he got a raw deal because I'm certain that there are other guys that took these drugs just as much as he did, but he got all the attention because people don't like him and he makes the most money. You can't tell me David Ortiz, for one, didn't take as many PEDs as he did. What he means for the Yankees this year? It's truly impossible to tell. I think he's going to have a tough year. Plus, being 40 isn't going to help. What I would love to happen is that he comes back and smacks the ball all over the place."

Masahiro Tanaka - "He's obviously a good pitcher. Overpriced, like everyone else, and you gotta hope the tear heals itself, which can happen. If he needs surgery, the Yankees might as well start trading everyone off."

Mark Teixeira - /Comes up the stairs huffing "I think he's a shadow of his former self. He's a great first baseman, but I think the Yankees fucked him up by making him into a home run hitter instead of allowing him to hit the ball all over like he did when he first got here. I would like to see him hit less home runs and hit .300 again."

Chris Young - "Why did we sign him?"

These are his original hot takes and can't be disseminated without his consent. Feel free to share your mom's/dad's/grandpa's hot takes below.