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PSA Comments of the Day 12/20/14: Cashman, do the thing!

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In a stunning display of why PSA writers should never take off on Fridays, Brian Cashman made a big trade yesterday. Prado and Phelps are heading to Miami while Eovaldi and Jones are heading to the Bronx. Pitchers and catchers report in 61 days.

At least he doesn't have to shave much!
At least he doesn't have to shave much!

Yesterday was just another show of why Pinstripe Alley writers can not take off on a Friday during the offseason. I guess that can include all Yankees bloggers out there, but why are you going there instead of here? Don't you like us? Shameful need for love and attention aside, Brian Cashman did the thing yesterday. The Yankees made an out of nowhere trade with the Marlins, acquiring Nathan Eovaldi, Garrett Jones, and prospect Domingo German for Martin Prado and David Phelps. Yes, David Phelps has been packaged with a player not named Austin Romine or Adam Warren for other useful players. If I may please have a moment of silence for all those future "trade Phelps and [insert meh player here] fanposts and comments that are now lost to us.

Comments of the Day

Remember how the day began with Harlan joking about getting Scherzer? I don't either. Sorry Harlan.

There were some mixed reactions to this trade. You'll see a bunch of them below.

See? We've already reached potential "Ninja Cash" status.

Concerns with the offense are still there, and rightfully so. But still, Eovaldi is probably better than Phelps.

Finally, LTL gets to the really important issues with this trade!

More opinions!

NoGollum, I mean NoMahbles, has quite the conversation with himself.

Oh right. Cashman also got Gonzalez Germen from the Mets. So obviously, we've got jokes!

I'll be honest, I don't think Eovaldi or Gregorius are any harder to spell than Palazzolla.

Really though, when you factor the original Peter O'Brien for Prado trade into this trade, it really does make this seem more Ninja Cash-like.

It's good to know that Garrett Jones and his wife are super excited to be coming to the Bronx. Also good to know that Arun is excited and potentially drunk!

I still stand by this.

I agree with Potter!

GIF of the Day

This was Matt Freedom's response to the fact that the Yankees got German and Germen. It is magnificent!


Honorable Mod Mention

Since former writer Matt Keegan is not here to accept this HMM award, I'll take it in his honor.

Fun Questions
  • What about the most recent trade has you the most excited?
  • Now that Phelps is out of the "trade package" mantra, who are your go-to names for low-ball Yankee trades?
Song of the Day

Cause I'm calling him Captain EO. As always, please link us your Song of the Day.

It's the last weekend before Christmas. Did you get all of your shopping done? This goes for you as well, Brian Cashman. We know you read our blog and base your opinions on what we think!
This was from yesterday's COTD thread. Apparently, I was right. Anymore presents on the way, Cashman?