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PSA Comments of the Day 12/2/14: Look at all these rumors

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Rumors. Rumors everywhere. The Yankees aren't re-signing D-Rob. The Yankees are offering Nick Markakis a five year deal. The offseason at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. Pitchers and catchers report in 79 days.

Well, everything under his nose would have to go!
Well, everything under his nose would have to go!
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

So let's recap the latest batch of rumors. The Yankees might go after Andrew Miller over David Robertson. Swell. Also, the Yankees might have offered a five year deal to Nick Markakis, who doesn't seem like he's going to re-sign with the Orioles. Jolly good. The Yankees really need to do something soon, cause things are just starting to get weird.

Comments of the Day

A plethora of Blue'd comments opens up our COTD section today. From warm-up music to the Jets Jets'ing it up, it's always a fun day at Pinstripe Alley

NoMahbles expresses his tasteful, well thought out dislike of Curt Schilling, regarding his Hall of Fame eligibility.

Ms. Waffles agrees with Mr. Mahbles views on Curt Schilling's "[expletive deleted]facery."

dominicdave reminds us that the Hall of Fame is already filled with [expletive deleted]faced individuals throughout the annals of baseball history.

Finally, in regards to Matt Freedom's question about which Yankee we'd like to have with us during a snowstorm, Andrew provides an embed tweet with the correct answer.

GIF of the Day

Again, PSA's got jokes. We've also got GIFs that deal with jokes.

Honorable Mod Mention

Jason earns the HMM for bringing up a Star Wars related reference. May the Force be with him.

Fun Questions
  • Nick Markakis: Would you want him? If you answer yes, what would be your highest offer?
  • What color would your lightsaber be?
Song of the Day

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey by Paul McCartney

There was also talks that the Yankees might use the potential D-Rob money and spend it on Max Scherzer. Rumors, AMIRITE?

Winter Meetings are coming