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Yankees acquire Gonzalez Germen from Mets for cash considerations; DFA Preston Claiborne

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A minor move could upgrade the bullpen for minimal cost.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since the Mike Stanton/Felix Heredia trade in 2004, the Yankees and Mets have engaged in a trade. Sure, all the Yankees did was acquire a spare arm for cash considerations, but it still counts.

The Yankees acquired Gonzalez Germen, a 27 year-old right-handed pitcher who has 64.2 IP of major league experience over the past two years. He's pitched to a 4.31 ERA (83 ERA+) and 4.15 FIP. He can certainly strike hitters out--8.9 K/9--but his walk rate is about 4.2 BB/9. It's certainly an interesting move as far as depth goes, and I'm sure he'll come in handy in the bullpen. And if he doesn't work out, then he's expendable. And, for what it's worth, he has an interesting changeup:

The other move of note is designating Preston Claiborne for assignment. After a stint of success with the Yankees in 2013 (2.43 ERA in the first half), he only pitched in 21 IP in 2014. Even with that stretch, he was never particularly exciting. We will miss your nickname, though, Lord Preston.