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Yankees trade for Nathan Eovaldi: 'Arguably reasonable for both sides'

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees took everyone by surprise once again when they flipped Martin Prado and David Phelps to the Miami Marlins for Nathan Eovaldi, Garrett Jones, and Domingo German. Here's how people reacted to the five-player deal.

Certainly not the blockbuster deals that the Padres have been pulling off as of late. The deal doesn't seem very flashy, but it probably doesn't need to be.

Bring us the dingers.

This is what I like to hear. Can you even imagine the potential if it all goes right? Very exciting stuff.

If the Yankees can't get rid of Alex Rodriguez, they can at least make him as much of a non-factor as possible.

No, stop, don't. The ability to give Rob Refsnyder a real shot is probably the thing I like best about this trade. Don't go ruining it with Asdrubal Cabrera.

Yay prospects.

This makes sense. The Yankees don't want Chase Headley having to play first base for any extended period of time because that would mean A-Rod is playing third base for an extended period of time. Jones helps with that.

Let the Rob Refsnyder Experience Experiment begin!

That's...not a very impressive bench. The Brendan Ryan deal continues to look kind of annoying.

Dingers! Dingers! Dingers!

Moving from Phelps to Eovaldi is a clear upgrade, especially if Phelps was going to end up as one of the five starters. Eovaldi was worth three wins last season.

Let's just not do that, okay? Okay.