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Yankees trade Prado/Phelps for Eovaldi/Jones: What do you think of the move?

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The Yankees traded Martin Prado and David Phelps for Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Jones. It's time for you to have your say and tell us what you think of the trade.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have made another move, trading Martin Prado and David Phelps for Nathan Eovaldi, Garrett Jones and pitching prospect Domingo German. Now it's time to find out what you think of the move.

Eovaldi is 24, 25 by the time the season starts. In 460 career innings over four seasons, he has a career 4.07 ERA with a 3.70 FIP. He spent the last two and a bit seasons with the Marlins after being part of the Hanley Ramirez trade in 2012. Last season, he pitched just under 200 innings with a 4.37 ERA, but a 3.37 FIP.

Jones is a first baseman who hit .246/.309/.411 last season with the Marlins, which was good for a 97 wRC+. So he was about league average with the bat. As for his defense, Fangraphs has him as a negative defender for his career. Backing up Mark Teixeira was something the Yankees struggled with last season. Jones isn't a world beater, but would certainly be better equipped than Kelly Johnson and the like should Tex go down again in 2015.

And as for what the Yankees gave up. Martin Prado had a successful stint with the Yankees after being traded by the Diamondbacks at the deadline. He hit .316/.336/.541 for the Yankees while playing a number of positions in the field. He was signed through 2016 as part of the four-year, $40 million deal he signed with the Diamondbacks. His versatility in the field certainly looked to be a major plus for the Yankees headed in to 2015.

David Phelps has been solid but unspectacular since making his debut in 2012. He's pitched to a 4.20 ERA and a 4.21 FIP in stints in both the rotation and the bullpen.

As far as the young, cost-controlled arms go, the Yankees got the better one out of this deal. The question is, when you add in Prado and Jones, is the deal worth it for the Yankees? For all those that wanted the Yankees to get younger, this certainly helps. They got a 24-year old, cost-controlled player at a position they needed the most. And this also most likely opens up second base for one of Rob Refsnyder or Jose Pirela, which gets the Yankees younger at that spot too. But was it worth it to give up the bat and versatility of Prado? Well it's time to answer that. Vote in the poll below and have your say in the comments.