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Brandon McCarthy signs a four-year contract with the Dodgers

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The second-half hero from last year won't be returning to the Bronx. Sigh.

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Well, it's been a disappointing couple of days at the Winter Meetings for Yankees fans. Closer David Robertson signed with the White Sox, top pitching target Jon Lester signed with the Cubs, and now perhaps the Yankees' best second-half starter from last year, Brandon McCarthy, is off the market as well. As much as the Yankees seemed indifferent on Robertson and Lester, there was some hope that perhaps McCarthy could be brought back. Unfortunately, it appears that this will not be the case. Late on Wednesday night, the Dodgers reportedly inked McCarthy to the four-year deal that he sought:

Sigh. It was a ton of fun watching McCarthy put together a tremendous second half for the Yankees after coming over from the Diamondbacks in, again, a deal where all the Yankees gave up was Vidal Nuno. He kicked ass with a 2.89 ERA, 3.22 FIP, and a superb 6.3 K/BB ratio, providing the Yankees with a much-needed ace while Masahiro Tanaka was on the disabled list. Alas, those 14 starts are all McCarthy's Yankees career is likely to be.

From one perspective, I understand not wanting to go to four years for McCarthy, who will be 32 next year and hit 200 innings for the first time in his career last season. (Hell, he'd only passed 150 innings one other time.) He has a bit of a scary health history, and there would definitely be risk in a four-year investment. At the same time though, the Yankees' current rotation is Tanaka, Michael Pineda, CC Sabathia, David Phelps, and Mr. X.

Sorry, but that is absolutely not a legitimate rotation. For as much as I like Tanaka and Pineda, no one knows what to expect from them either, given the injuries that haunted their otherwise-superb 2014 campaigns. If the Yankees signed McCarthy to a four-year deal, yes, it would have been a risk, but it might have been one they had to take. As it stands now, all we can hope is that the Yankees have a card of their sleeves. Or maybe just a boatload of money they can throw at Max Scherzer. I'd take that, too.

Regardless, they have to do something to add another legitimate starter to the 2015 rotation. There's obviously plenty of time to get it done. Kindly figure something out that doesn't involve James Shields.

Farewell, Mr. McCarthy. I'll enjoy continuing to monitor your tweets.



Well, McCarthy got exactly what he wanted! Good for him.